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  1. Marie
    May 6, 2017 @ 2:49 am

    I have lupus which affects my lungs , heart kidneys, muscles, nerves and other organs. It is very painful. I am on Medicare and I can’t meet all the medical bills. The president and republicans will be giving me a death sentence. I am one of millions who will lose some coverage if the president and republicans could have thier way.
    Where is the humanity of our representatives. In my eyes you have not represented your people but pleasing your president and yourselves.
    Until your families are affected by some outlandish law will you see the light. You are presenting the rich and the powerful and this is wrong. I watch the president close down anything he can that represents Obama presendency. The president obviously despices the black race by his actions with his rentals, our past president and even his wife. She sets up organization for Girls to learn and you shut this down. What is wrong with you?
    I don’t respect the rich, I respect people who use thier wealth to help others. Taking things away from the poor or average people and making the wealthier rich is wrong. The Obamacare is needed for many people and the diseases they need help to stay alive. The president is acting like A dictator and he needs no respect. We all are human with the same needs and Heath care is one of these needs. When election time comes around, we will remember.


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